Winter pruning of vineyards

potatura invernale


Winter pruning, also called dry pruning, is carried out during vegetative rest. It is an operation carried out by qualified personnel that provides the vine with an initial address, that "cut" from which the new wine year will be born.

Vegetative recovery is still far away but it is important to prepare the plant optimally.

In our guyot-trained vineyards we use traditional pruning, leaving only one of the "old" shoots that will be used as a new orchard head.

Our pruning has several functions because we simultaneously ensure the constant maintenance of the training form, adjust the number of buds per vine, balance between productive and vegetative phase.

During the winter, after the toil of the harvest, the vines are stripped bare. In the silence that accompanies the cold season, we hear those branches breathing as we looked out to sea and prepare for the spring to come.