Terre di Masciulli presents the latest wine from the Pajone line - Trebbiano IGT Terre di Chieti

Terre di Masciulli Trebbiano IGT Terre di Chieti


Here is the latest oenological gem from Terre di Masciulli's Pajone line!

Trebbiano IGT Terre di Chieti is the latest creation from the Terre di Masciulli winery. A wine that embodies the essence of the Abruzzo hills and transports you on an unforgettable sensory journey.

Its characteristics? They are simply extraordinary!

Color: Straw yellow, reflecting the vitality of the Abruzzo lands.

Nose: An elegant and complex aromatic bouquet, expressing fruity notes of citrus and golden apple. Let yourself be enveloped by this olfactory symphony!

Taste: Freshness and liveliness blend harmoniously in this wine. Its pleasant balanced acidity and light structure make it a pleasure to sip. Fruit flavors combine with mineral undertones, giving the wine a depth and persistence that captivates the palate.

Accompaniments: Trebbiano IGT Terre di Chieti is the perfect companion for your gourmet evenings. Perfect with seafood dishes such as fresh oysters and raw seafood, but also with summer salads, fresh cheeses and light appetizers. Indulge in your own culinary creations!

Don't miss the opportunity to savor this extraordinary creation of Terre di Masciulli. Get ready to immerse yourself in an unprecedented wine experience!

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