Olive harvest - year 2022

Raccolta olive Terre di Masciulli

The Terre di Masciulli estate is not only wine but also Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

After following our olive groves throughout the season, from the pruning of the plants through the setting of the olives, the time has finally come to start the harvest.

We start with the Leccio del Corno variety, Leccino, Nociara, Paranzana, Frantoio and finally we harvest the Gentile di Chieti. The not too rainy season has helped to give us an excellent product with unique characteristics.

Our olive, harvested with pneumatic harvesters, is transported immediately to the oil mill; filtered from the leaves, it is crushed by stone grinders and placed in the millstones to rest. After adequate rest, the oil is separated from the paste obtained from the crushing by cold extraction, so that the properties offered by the olives, such as vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, remain unaltered. From the liquid obtained, water is separated and out comes our Extra Virgin Olive Oil with unique organoleptic characteristics.

All that remains is to taste it on toasted bread, on a salad or on a tasty roast.