Raccolta delle Uve Pecorino

Harvesting Pecorino Grapes

The Harvest of Terre di Masciulli 2022 began with the picking of Pecorino grapes.

The recently rediscovered white berry clusters take us back to the past during which this grape was used to produce the typical shepherds' wine, hence Percorino.

Today, in our Abruzzi vineyards on various plants strictly in rows, harvesting is still done exclusively by hand to select the best bunches one by one. We select from each hectare of vineyard only 100 quintals of grapes to obtain an optimal result for our wine. The berries are then immediately transported to the winery where in a combination of tradition and innovation vinification begins.

Thus is born, in the shadow of Majella, by wise and caring hands, the Pecorino IGT of Terre di Masciulli to tell, one sip at a time, our land, our work, our passion.