An explosion of elegance and freshness: Terre di Masciulli presents its Rosato IGT Terre di Chieti wine

Pajone rosato igt terre di chieti

Our Rosé wine IGT Terre di Chieti, made with passion and skill, is an explosion of elegance and freshness that transports those who savor it on an unforgettable sensory journey.

The first glance at this rosé wine reveals an elegant, bright pale pink hue, reminiscent of the hues of a summer sunset.

On the nose, Terre di Masciulli's Terre di Chieti IGT Rosé wine surprises with a symphony of fresh, fruity aromas. Notes of cherry, pomegranate and sorb create a bouquet of inviting scents that envelop the senses.

Let Masciulli's Terre di Chieti IGT Rosato wine Terre di Chieti dance on the palate and you will discover a perfect balance of lively acidity and enveloping softness. Each sip is a refined experience that captures the essence of the region.

With its freshness and liveliness, Terre di Masciulli's Terre di Chieti IGT Rosato wine is a perfect companion for any occasion. It lightly accompanies hors d'oeuvres, fish, summer salads or simply on its own for a moment of unparalleled pleasure.

Terre di Masciulli is more than just a winery: it is a guardian of authenticity and tradition. With dedication and care, this firm preserves the area's winemaking heritage, transforming masterfully selected grapes into extraordinary wines. Each bottle of Rosato IGT Terre di Chieti wine is a testament to their commitment to excellence.

Terre di Chieti IGT Rosato wine from Terre di Masciulli is a celebration of Italian winemaking art. With its mesmerizing color, seductive bouquet of aromas and irresistible flavor, it will captivate your senses and leave an indelible impression on your heart. Put on the shoes of a connoisseur and indulge in the pleasure of savoring this extraordinary wine for an unparalleled wine experience.